Annette's Quilt

Carol Lynnam, Dezire2Dezign Quilting Studio, Napier, New Zealand
60" x 60"
Carol made this quilt for her sister-in-law's 50th birthday.
Sister-in-law Annette made a last minute decision to come over from Australia to New Zealand to spend her birthday with Carol. Carol had to get something together quickly!
She decided that there was no time to start piecing another top, but had on hand 5 finished candlewick blocks which were originally done for a quilt for herself. She put them together with alternate plain blocks, some wide sashing and a border - lots of room for quilting which she decided would be showcased.
As it happened, Carol did not get the quilting completed in time for the big event - but once done personally delivered it to her sister-in-law in Australia.
However, the story does not end there. Carol wanted to take that quilt back to New Zealand with her so that it could be shown at her local Quilters' Exhibition.
- poor Annette!

Quilting Patterns Used

  • Sashes: Mandy sash lps p2psu (5)
  • Border and corners: Feather 2 bdr & cnr 24a (2)
  • Alternate Blocks: Feather pearl 1 sq 16e xh
  • Embroidered Blocks, 9x9 version: X Hatch - sqs & rect (251)

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