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Glenross House
The house where Sharon and Bryan were living when House of Creations started - in Dunedin, New Zealand
House of Creations is a trading arm of JFU Limited, a New Zealand based company.   JFU Ltd (and House of Creations) started in 1994 and are owned by Sharon Perry and her co-director, husband Bryan.

During House of Creations' existence all sorts of wonderful creations have been brought to life, here in New Zealand - the land 'down under'.   We take pride in high quality work, testing and re-testing before anything is taken to market.

The products Sharon has been busy creating in the last few years include Digitised Quilting Patterns, Patchwork Patterns and Beaded Embroidery Patterns.

With such a large number of designs (from Sharon alone) she decided to offer them to other quilters, patchworkers and embroiderers through a House of Creations website.

There are other designers in New Zealand creating exciting original work, and once the web-site is happily functioning some of their designs will be added to the range offered through House of Creations.

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Sharon Perry

Sharon Perry Sharon is well known for 'giving things a twist' and 'looking at things differently' while still paying attention to detail in the basics.   She has a passionate persistence for finding solutions to problems.   These qualities are apparent in her digitised quilting designs and techniques where she pushes the boundaries so that computerised quilting can be utilized to its maximum - especially in her use of p2p (line pattern) techniques.

Sewing since she could hold a needle; anything which could be stitched together was:  starting with buttons and gradually progressing.   She still has one of her first embroideries - done at school in year 5 at age 11.

Sharon comes from a long line of stitchers.   Her mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother ... and many other members of her extended family have all been handy with a needle and thread.  Just recently found is a sampler done by her Great Great Great Grandmother - but GGG Granny Warren's was done at age 10 and in 1839!

Sharon's background is in high school teaching (accounting, economics and maths), going on to own several retail stores and a manufacturing/wholesale business.  She is also a mother of two sons, and has three grandchildren.

Sharon's work-bag
Quilt Show & Sale

Quilting since 1978 she has won national and international prizes as well as having her patchwork patterns published in New Zealand and the USA.   Quilts with her digitised designs have won prizes at local and international exhibitions.  In the most recent exhibition of the Wellington Quilters Guild the Best Traditional Quilt was quilted entirely with Sharon's designs.

To make quilts more available to the public she, along with good friend Judi Ferguson, founded and organised the (NZ) Quilt Show and Sale.   It has been held 3 times in Wellington, (New Zealand's capital), showcasing and selling hundreds of quilts from all over the country.

Mary Ann Warren tapestry

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