Black and White KF Pickle

Miep Jager, The Finished Quilt, Hastings, NZ
This Pickle Dish pattern is one from Kaffe Fassett's book 'Quilt Romance'. Kathy Doughty and Sarah Kielke's book 'Material Obsession Two' has a very similar block in it - but the number of narrow pieces in their block is 11 rather than the 9 of Kaffe's.
This black and white interpretation is just wonderful - very elegant and would not look out of place in any setting, stylewise and colourway.
Miep has quilted this quilt beautifully and the designs fitted very successfully.
The very wide ring lends itself to some quilting which is more fancy that just arcs or lines and the floral nature of the design chosen is a nice counterpoint to the more rigid black and white fabrics used.

Quilting Patterns Used

  • Inner, ring and eye: Rosalie KF Pickle (3 plus)
  • Outer border: Swag 5 bdr & cnr (2)

Tips & Info

  • Miep has a Statler Stitcher - so ALL of these patterns were placed using the p2p function, with the patterns in the rings and borders sewing out in true p2p (continuous) fashion.

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