Amelia's Quilt

Amelia Poore-Bone, Fabrics by the Creek, Lake Jackson, Texas
Amelia Poore-Bone, Quilting Creations by Amelia, Lake Jackson, Texas
48" x 48"
This quilt deservedly won 1st place, in the First Entry category of the Plantation Quilt Guild 2013 Exhibition
Well done Amelia - there was lots and lots of quilting on this quilt, and it shows up beautifully.
Large, single block quilts certainly give plenty of scope for quilting and this one is no exception. It was brave to put so many straight lines on it - but it certainly showcased the feather quilting, which in reality, was the background.
The outer borders and just sitting there - quietly taking their place, framing the whole event.

Quilting Patterns Used

  • Outer Border: Elegance tri b p2p
  • Inner Narrow Border: Kites bldr a (8)
  • Setting Triangles: Triangle 1 x4 p2psu (6)
  • Yellow Areas (small square, medium square and double envelope): Feather Carpenter's Wheel (3)
  • Parallelograms: Sawtooth lines x 3 p2psu

Tips & Info

  • This is a Carpenter's Wheel made with half square triangles NOT diamonds.

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