Ann's Quilt

Ann Phelan
Donna Hazelton, SaltSeams Quilting Studio, Digby, Canada
Ann had pieced this wonderful One Block Wonder quilt and Donna felt it needed custom quilting - it was to be displayed in an upcoming show.
Donna selected some patterns she thought might work, but was just a little stumped about what to do in the tumbling blocks. Some designs were quickly done - with Donna making her selection and getting to work.
I was overwhelmed when photos came through showing just how well the quilting had worked - complimenting Ann's top beautifully.

Quilting Patterns Used

  • Outer Border: Plumes cnr & bdr c (2)
  • Inner Border: Plumes cnr & bdr b (2)
  • Main hexagons: Martina hex (3)
  • Tumbling Blocks: Magnolia diamond p2p

Tips & Info

  • Two of the sides had funny 'setting' shapes in order to make the hexagons fit into a rectangle. Donna very cleverly altered the hexagon block - dividing it and then morphing it to fit that very flattened triangle area.

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