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This is a quilt made by my Aunt Vanessa.
She and my mother had come to visit me in Wellington in order to go to the World of Wearable Art show. They were at a bit of a loose end for some of the remaining time - so we decided a 'holiday project' would not go amiss.
I let them loose in my stash of 5" squares, where they each made their selections. They then decided on background colour, cut the circles, fused them on and hand stitched around their outer edges - using some hand dyed crochet cotton which I just happened to have stashed away!
(Did I say? My husband bought me a beautiful squirrel ornament for my birthday one year.)
Once the top was completed - the quilting! I did not have any designs which would work so special ones had to be devised.
Several different designs were drawn up for this type of sashing area - these two relations of mine needed choice!
The sash on this quilt is called Wallis (Aunt Vanessa's middle name).
ps. I am going to get my hands on this quilt and put it back on the machine to do a little more quilting just inside the narrow border - it is not quite complete I think. I will use half of the Loops circle pattern - not just cut in half, but the reformatted half version - one which will run continuously.

Quilting Patterns Used

  • Applique circles: Loops circle & semi-circle (2)
  • Border: Loops bdr & cnr c (2)
  • Sashes: Wallis sash p2p (3)

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