Baker's Dozens

Sharon Perry
Sharon Perry pattern to come
40½" x 53½"

Named because of the 13 small blue squares per large block.

This pattern - especially with its wide outer border - makes strips of feature fabric go a long way.
A long way further than I would have liked, I might add, as I was trying to reduce my blue stash when making this quilt only to find that it had had very little impact!

The wide border is very effective though, as it provides a large area for lovely quilting to be showcased.

Quilting Patterns Used

  • Outer Border: Elegance cnr & bdr a (3)
  • Narrow Blue border and Sashes: Apple leaf vine (6)
  • Narrow Cream border - x3 version: Cracker bldr (4)
  • 25 patch Blocks: Elegance sq a

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