-Alpha Numerics ! (88) $50.00 USD

Never be stuck for a name or word. With this set you have the ability to compose whatever name or word you want.
The digitised numbers, letters and symbols in this set are smooth flowing.
All small letters join continuously - one to the other. All letters sew continuously.
All capital letters will join with continuous stitching onto any small letter.
One of the patterns is a square in which all of the letters, numbers and symbols are contained. If you wish you can just pull up this pattern and separate out what is required - rather than reaching for an individual file for each letter.
** Added **
- I have included some files with years already formatted (these are unable to be used with the concatenation feature).
- for those teenage girls - patterns for the letters i and j with an oversized heart on the top, rather than dots. (illustration at the bottom of the page)

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Sharon Perry

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