10 minute Circle Roller CW p2p $14.00 USD

The lower circles of this design have been dropped a little to fit into the space when the dimensional centres of the block have been turned - Cathedral Window style.
These designs are for what are often referred to as '10 minute blocks' where 5 pieces of layer cake fabrics are sewn together into a bow tie effect.
There is a large area to be quilted, and this design does it nicely. I am going to make and quilt this one - now just to choose a design for the centre. I will quilt this separately so that I can ease the hopping foot over all the layers.

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Blocks:  Other Block Shapes, p2p, 36 patch grid
Themes:  p2p, Modern, Pearls & Circles
Sharon Perry
'https://houseofcreations.biz/images/products/_3/gp_004961.jpg' 'https://houseofcreations.biz/images/products/_3h/gp_004961.jpg'