Amelia 9 36 tri p2p $13.00 USD

Amelia required a design for some 6x6 grid blocks - or a 36 patch block. The blocks were set on point and alternating. The fastest way to quilt these is with p2p triangles - so this is one the the designs which resulted.
This block also sits really well on 3x3 or 9 patch blocks as well as quarter square triangle ones.
The numbers 9 and 36 in the name are meant as an 'aide de memoire'.
The pattern is very useful as an all-over custom quilting design - being quickly and accurately registered and then being able to be sewn continuously over large areas.

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Blocks:  p2p, Squares & rectangles, Triangles, ..9 patch grid, 36 patch grid
Themes:  p2p, Swirls & Curves
Sharon Perry

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