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Swirls vine (6) $12.00 USD

This is a very useful and popular design.
It is used in sashes which are of 'slender' proportions. For wider sashes use its 'fat' sister vines, otherwise the lovely circular effect end up as an over. (However, that may be what you want.)
In the main illustration:
* on the lhs - the x2 version was used, registering in the centre of what would be the 'cornerstone' blocks (if they were there).
* the rhs shows the x1 version.
This type of design makes extremely short work of sashes - once you use this type of design, there will be no looking back!
These patterns are sold as a set - as it is great to always have the desired multiple right on hand.

Design Features

  • quick and accurate placement of the pattern using the point to point function
  • the main design elements/features will not stitch on top of each other when the pattern crosses or turns on itself (see illustration)
  • using the p2p function for placement means points at 'cornerstone' intersections meet perfectly (and isn't this what is always noticed - especially if they don't!)
  • corners are self-turning
  • the pattern stitches out very quickly and accurately
  • tie offs are reduced to a minimum.
    As well as being able to stitch across the quilt in one run, if you are extremely smart, each trip across the quilt will also include some of the vertical sashings - so by the end of the quilt there will only be a couple of gaps to fill.

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Sharon Perry