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Arrow bldr (6) $12.00 USD

This is a great design. I am just in the process of doing a quilt with it - so will put a photo up very soon (hopefully!)
These types of patterns (builders) require two passes in order for them to be 'built' or completed. If they are connected, the sew in a continuous fashion - from one block to the next.
These patterns are sold as a set - as it is great to always have the desired multiple right on hand.

Design Features

  • quick and accurate placement of the pattern using the point to point function
  • the main design elements/features will not stitch on top of each other when the pattern crosses or turns on itself (see illustration)
  • points at 'cornerstone' intersections meet perfectly (and isn't this what is always noticed - especially if they don't!)
  • corners are self-turning
  • the pattern stitches out very quickly and accurately
  • tie offs are reduced to a minimum.
    If the machine head can get in and cornerstones (if there are any) are ignored, then that whole area can be stitched in one run!

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Sharon Perry